One of the top cover acts in the country. Playing funk, soul, disco, rock, and modern hits. AfterParty brings style and fun to the stage wherever they go. If you’re looking for a reason to dance then you’ve found it. They play all the hits and they mean it.


AfterParty is a coming together of some of Dublin’s finest musician who know how to get a party started. And that’s what its all about on your big day. Getting the party started and keeping it hopping!

The show is 2.5 hours long with a short break in the middle so you and your guests can recharge with some tea and coffee. When we kick back in you can be guaranteed that the music will flow non stop, so there’s never a dull moment on the dance floor.

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The Show

The show is 2.5 hours long, including a short break in the middle for the evening service. Once we are on stage we will play music for 2 hours and 15 minutes. When we finish the dance floor will be full and wanting more when your DJ takes over.

The Hits

We say we play all the hits and we mean it. If  for some reason you don’t believe us then check out a little playlist we put together for everyone over on spotify. It makes for some good listening.

3 amazing singers

We have 3 incredible female vocalists in the band. Ciara O’Connor, Helen Murray, and Evelyn Finnerty all front the band, and they all have their own beautiful voice and great stage presence. Come along to one of our shows and see them in action.

The add ons

As well as the main show we also have some extra bells and whistles to add on. We work very closely with The HitMachine Drummers and have a show that will blow your socks off. It’s a big hit and a lot of fun. Featuring Celtic warriors and Irish dancing, these guys really bring the party to a new level! Our show ties in seamlessly with them.


If the drummers are not your thing we have a brass section that will bring the swing to your dance floor – our eye popping show big brass show. You can book them by the horn, or book a whole brass section!


Need a DJ? We’re happy to provide DJ service should you require.


We love playing live. Its what we do best. If you want to liven up your party then why not send us a mail and check our availability. Ask us about our playlist or just ask us a question and we can have a chat. We have lots of experience playing weddings and we know what works, so feel free to pick our brains.


Much Love







Every show is our top priority